Terms of Use

The Transcribathon.eu website is a service product of the Europeana Foundation, Facts & Files, and the partners of the Enrich Europeana project. The user must be aware that the Europeana Foundation and Facts & Files strive to make all content and metadata available for reuse with a minimum of restrictions.


These terms, together with the Terms of User Contributions, establish the conditions that users accept when contributing content to Europeana.eu. Under these terms:

  • Metadata should be understood as information about the content and/or the digital object, included but not limited to descriptions and tags, annotations and enrichments, and excluding transcriptions. 
  • All metadata contributed by users will be labelled under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Users accept to waive all rights on metadata. This means that a user waives all copyright in the metadata which allows third parties, like Europeana, to freely reuse the metadata.
  • Transcriptions should be understood as written reproductions of content, including subtitles. 
  • Users accept that their act of transcribing does not generate any copyright or neighbouring right. The resulting transcription will be labelled with the copyright statement applied to the content it transcribes.

Content and metadata contributed by users will be made available on Transcribathon.eu and on Europeana.eu. Europeana and Facts & Files take no responsibility for the accuracy of the data, but reserve the right to request more accurate information and to take down metadata. 


Europeana and Facts & Files are entitled at all times to amend or supplement these Terms. For matters not raised above, please refer to the Terms of User Contributions.

These Terms for User Contributions determines inter alia the following aspects of the relationship between users contributing content to Europeana.eu and Europeana:

  • Passwords and logging in (Article 3)
  • Responsibility for the operation of the platform (Article 4)
  • Intellectual property rights to the content (Article 5)
  • Intellectual property rights to metadata (Article 6)
  • Unlawful use of the service (Article 7)
  • Users’ personal data (privacy) (Article 8)
  • Liability of the parties in the event of damage or loss (Article 9)

In case of inconsistencies between the paragraphs above and the Terms of User Contributions, the paragraphs above prevail in this context.


If you do not agree with these policies please do not contribute content and/or metadata.


By creating an account on Transcribathon.eu, the user indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Last changed 04-02-2020.

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